The solo-canoe

Twister 14'

The Twister 14' is a versatile solo canoe for ambitious paddlers. This model was also created according to the ideas of Theo Lasch, who took the original 16' Chestnut Prospector as the basis for an agile solo boat.

The round underbody, combined with a distinct keel jump, make it a very agile boat. This feature is appreciated by the friends of freestyle ("canoe ballet"), which was also the intention of the designer.

But this is not what this boat should be reduced to. Thanks to its sufficient internal volume, the Twister 14' also offers the possibility to carry a lot of luggage. Smaller solo tours are thus well possible. Especially in winding, small flowing waters this Canadian should be a lot of fun. The Twister is easy to control in every phase, even when it is tilted. It keeps the track well, does not break out so easily and therefore looks very reliable. A real sympathy carrier.


425 cm long
76 cm wide
33 cm deep
Weight approx. 26 kg

Twister 14'