The Harmonic

Lovis 15,5'

The first own Holzstoff design! A classic form with clear lines. In Swedish there is a word for when something is just right or has just the right dimensions - it is called "lagom". I let myself be guided by this. Not too short and not too long, not too narrow and not too wide.

When it comes to the keel jump and also regarding the rounding of the bottom it should not be too much and not too little. In the meantime the Lovis has been tested and in one point it has not become "lagom". Not too slow and not too fast does not fit, because it is quite fast. But nobody will have anything against it. The inward pulled sidewall ("tumblehome") is very advantageous especially for solo paddlers, because the paddle can be moved closer to the hull. No matter if tandem or solo operation - well trimmed this boat goes simply wonderfully straight ahead and still reacts immediately to the desired course change. Here it is evident that the keel jump has a dimension which makes both possible. Beautiful shape, sufficient loading capacity, reliable handling characteristics and by no means boring. A boat that meets many needs.


475 cm long
84 cm wide
34 cm deep
Weight approx. 34 kg

Lovis 15,5'