The hiker

Havel 16'

I owe the realization of this form from 2005 to Theo Lasch, who designed the Havel, a nippy tandem canoe in modern design. A sleek, asymmetrical hull with a flat semicircular bottom allows for quite high speeds, even over longer distances, thanks to the well thought-out shape. It holds its course well, even in cross winds. The differential keel jump supports the extremely good course stability. Waves up to a certain height do not brake, rather one runs dry through them. At the same time the boat reacts quite fast to all steering manoeuvres. It is certainly not a boat for demanding flowing water, but that is not what this model is designed for.

Due to its characteristics the Havel is a friendly, agile and quite fast touring canoe for two people, even with a lot of luggage. The name describes a typical area of use - the calm Havel, which flows through numerous lakes. If you like a modern design, you will be delighted with this touring canoe.


488 cm long
90 cm wide
34 cm deep
Weight approx. 34 kg

Havel 16'