The family canoe

Guide 18'

Maine in the northeastern USA is considered the cradle of wood/canvas construction. Historically, this is the origin of this model. Professional wilderness guides ("guides") used long and rather large Canadians because of their loading capacity, stability and shallow draught. As they were quite tilt resistant, staaking ("poling") was just as suitable as standing paddling in confusing situations. Originally, the guide boats were pure work vehicles. They were not spared and often had to be repaired. Therefore, the canvas was usually not filled up elaborately, but only painted. It was not worth it, because the canvas was changed more often. Today it is the other way round. A nicely made Wood/Canvas-Canoe in this size looks very impressive and belongs rather to the luxury class.

The Swedish canoe builders Bo Weslin and Christian Olsén developed my guide form. They were inspired by E.M.White's famous guide model and Rollin Thurlow's "Atkinson Traveler".


550 cm long
96 cm wide
35 cm deep
Weight approx. 40 kg

Guide 18'